Welcome to SCANCOR

The Scandinavian Consortium for Organizational Research facilitates inquiry in organizational social science among a transnational network of scholars. Its member institutions in Scandinavia and greater Europe support working visits and residencies at Stanford University. SCANCOR also sponsors conferences, workshops, and mentoring opportunities worldwide.

Announcing the 14th SCANCOR PhD Workshop in Stockholm 2016

The 14th SCANCOR PhD workshop on Institutional Analysis will be held August 29-September 2, 2016 in Stockholm at the Stockholm School of Economics.  

The teaching faculty include:

Woody Powell, Sarah Soule, and Patricia Bromley, Stanford University
Gili Drori, Hebrew University of Jerusalem
Bruce Carruthers, Northwestern University

They will be joined by local speakers in the public lectures, including:

Filip Wijkström, Stockholm School of Economics
Stefan Jonsson, Uppsala University
Linda Wedlin, Uppsala University
Eero Vaara, Hanken School of Economics - Helsinki
Peter Hedström, Linköping University

Local organizer: Karl Wennberg, Stockholm School of Economics

More information to follow.

The eLearning Market That Wasn’t: The Emergence and Re-Emergence of Online Teaching and Learning

SCANCOR Monday seminar series on November 30 with Markus Paukku, SCANCOR Postdoctoral Fellow

The re-emergence of online learning has promised to cater to the increasing demand for university education. Indeed, universities and various affiliates have developed numerous organizational arrangements and business models by which to disseminate teaching and learning beyond the campus and serve wider audiences. This variation in the organization of the transfer of education beyond the campus stands in contrast to the near ubiquitous commercialization of science and research and its now taken-for-granted technology transfer office model. To date, such a model of online teaching and learning has yet to emerge – despite earlier attempts.