Welcome to SCANCOR

The Scandinavian Consortium for Organizational Research facilitates inquiry in organizational social science among a transnational network of scholars. Its member institutions in Scandinavia and greater Europe support working visits and residencies at Stanford and Harvard Universities. SCANCOR also sponsors conferences, workshops, and mentoring opportunities worldwide.

Announcing the 15th SCANCOR PhD Workshop on Institutional Theory hosted by WU-Wien Vienna University of Economics and Business

September 11-15, 2017

This is the fifteenth Scancor workshop for Nordic and European doctoral students. The audience for this workshop is PhD students with an interest in recent research in institutional theory and organizational studies more generally. Previous workshops were hosted at Stanford University, Copenhagen Business School, Aalto University, IESE Barcelona, University of Mannheim, Hebrew University, Jerusalem, EMYLON Business School, and the Stockholm School of Economics.

A formal announcement about the application process and curriculum will follow.

A Warm Welcome to the Inaugural Cohort at SCANCOR/Weatherhead

This fall, SCANCOR welcomes the first cohort of visiting scholars to the newly launched SCANCOR/Weatherhead Partnership.  Under the leadership of Harvard sociologist Frank Dobbin, the partnership is specifically focused on the role of corporations and other formal organizations in the creation of international social, environmental, economic, and political conventions and norms. 

In August 2016 the first of the Weatherhead scholars began arriving on site. Currently, five of six scholars have settled in and begun integrating themselves within the Weatherhead Center, Harvard University, and the greater Boston scholarly community. The sixth scholar of the inaugural cohort plans to arrive in late October. The group represents universities from all four SCANCOR member countries, as well an associate-member university.

The SCANCOR/Weatherhead scholars have been attending seminars at their home base, the Weatherhead Center for International Affairs, as well as talks at MIT and throughout the Harvard campus, including the Harvard Business School and the Kennedy School of Government. The scholars have also organized their own weekly seminar to present their work to each other for feedback. The group has been genuinely enjoying their time at Weatherhead, and iterating SCANCOR’s distinctive intellectual culture at the new academic location.

A gala opening on 19 October will feature remarks by Stanford Professor Emeritus John Meyer.

The next application deadline for the recently launched SCANCOR/Weatherhead Partnership is November 1, 2016 for arrival during the fall 2017 semester. You can read more about the partnership here and find more information about the application process here.