Welcome to SCANCOR

The Scandinavian Consortium for Organizational Research facilitates inquiry in organizational social science among a transnational network of scholars. Its member institutions in Scandinavia and greater Europe support working visits and residencies at Stanford and Harvard Universities. SCANCOR also sponsors conferences, workshops, and mentoring opportunities worldwide.

Announcing the SCANCOR/Weatherhead Initiative at Harvard University

It is our great pleasure to announce the SCANCOR/Weatherhead Initiative in International Organizational Studies at Harvard, under the leadership of Frank Dobbin. The initiative facilitates scholarly residencies within Harvard’s Weatherhead Center for International Affairs, located near the heart of Harvard’s campus in Cambridge, Massachusetts.

SCANCOR/Weatherhead is intended specifically to encourage scholarship on the role of business organizations in global governance systems.  The boundaries of corporations, NGOs, and nation-states continue to blur as these sectors overlap and interweave and the institutional orders of states and markets co-evolve. SCANCOR/Weatherhead will enable fluid exchange among a wide plurality of social scientists investigating this broad domain.

The universities and colleges in the Boston metropolitan area comprise the largest agglomeration of academic endeavor in world history, and support a vital web of activity in organizational social science.  SCANCOR’s new venture puts it affiliates right at the center of this action.

 The application portal for Spring 2017 residencies at SCANCOR/Weatherhead is now open! Applications for this round are due June 1, 2016. More detailed information on the initiative is here. We look forward to your interest and eager for your inquiry.

--Frank Dobbin, Mitchell Stevens, Sarah Soule, & Jesper Strandgaard 

Meet the new director of the SCANCOR/Weatherhead Inititative- Frank Dobbin

Q: A Harvard professor has lots of opportunities and many obligations. Why did you opt to build a SCANCOR presence at Harvard?

A: The SCANCOR center at Stanford was created shortly after I finished graduate school, and I’ve often visited the center and taught in its international doctoral courses.  At Stanford, the SCANCOR center has been a huge source of intellectual vibrancy.  Visiting scholars bring all kinds of energy and excitement to campus, and the place has become a magnet for organizational social scientists. When the SCANCOR board approached me about creating an initiative at Weatherhead focused on the contributions that organizational social science can make to international studies, I jumped at the chance. Not only for the possibility of creating the kind of academic dynamism that SCANCOR has produced at Stanford, but also because I think in international research, we’ve paid too little attention to the role of corporations. Corporations, non-profits, and supra-state organizations play huge roles in shaping global environmental, labor, social, and economic standards. The SCANCOR/Weatherhead initiative will shed light on those roles. 

Q: What are the links between SCANCOR/Weatherhead and your own intellectual ambitions?