2019-2021 Postdoctoral Fellowship Finland

Scandinavian Consortium for Organizational Research, Stanford University

Open for applicants from Finland

 Application deadline: February 15, 2019

 The Scandinavian Consortium for Organizational Research (SCANCOR) at Stanford University invites applications for a two-year postdoctoral fellowship beginning September, 2019. The fellowship is open to high-quality researchers who study the social, political, economic, or managerial aspects of organizations and their environments.

The applicant must be affiliated with one of the SCANCOR member institutions in Finland: Aalto University (School of Business or Department of Industrial Engineering and Management); Hanken School of Economics; Lappeenranta University of Technology (School of Business and Management); University of Oulu (School of Business); or University of Turku (School of Economics).

Application criteria:

You are eligible to apply if you have received your PhD degree from a member institution in Finland; or if you are currently employed in an academic position at a member institution in Finland;


You must have received your PhD degree within the past three years (2016 - 2018);


You must have your PhD degree diploma in hand by July 1, 2019. It is not possible to begin the postdoc program application process if you do not complete your studies by July 1, 2019.  No exceptions can be made.

The fellow will be affiliated with a disciplinary department or school at Stanford University, and with SCANCOR. The postdoctoral fellowship provides Nordic scholars with the opportunity to learn new topics and skills, and work closely with a Stanford faculty member, while participating in SCANCOR activities. Although there will be ample time for the fellow to pursue their current lines of scholarship, the expectation is that they will also collaborate with Stanford scholars and pursue research in tandem with their faculty sponsors.

The fellow will act as a bridge between the Nordic countries and Stanford University, and deepen the skills that are necessary for an international academic career, focusing on building methodological knowledge and writing successfully for leading scientific journals.

Among the various Stanford faculty who may be potential sponsors of a postdoctoral fellow are: Patricia Bromley, Dan McFarland, Woody Powell, and Mitchell Stevens at the Graduate School of Education; Shelley Correll and Robb Willer in the Department of Sociology; Riita Kattila, Pamela Hinds, and Melissa Valentine in the Department of Management Science and Engineering; William Barnett, Huggy Rao, Sarah Soule, and Jesper Sorensen at the Graduate School of Business; Fred Turner in Communication; and Ray Levitt in Civil Engineering.

Applicants are encouraged to be in contact with the potential Stanford faculty member ahead of time and inquire about the possibility of working together.

The annual fellowship salary is $62,500, plus the standard benefits that postdoctoral fellows at Stanford University receive. The fellowship program falls under U.S. Immigration J-1 Exchange Visitor Visa activities.

Descriptions of past and current postdoctoral fellows can be found at: http://www.scancor.org/post-doc/

The postdoctoral fellowship application can be found at http://www.scancor.org/post- doc/application-process/postdoctoral-fellow-application/

Please include the following information:

1.) A cover letter detailing the reasons for the applicant’s interest in coming to Stanford and suggestions as to which faculty members they would be interested in working with if that faculty member were to have a reciprocal interest.

2.)  A curriculum vitae.

3.) A fellowship proposal detailing the research that the fellow would undertake while at Stanford (five page limit).

4.) A writing sample consisting of either a dissertation chapter or a recent published paper.

5.) Graduate school transcripts in English (with proof that the applicant will have their PhD diploma by July 1, 2018).

6.)  Three letters of recommendation.

All materials must be received by February 15, 2019.

Questions about the program should be directed to:

Maude Engström - maudee@stanford.edu

or SCANCOR Finland board member:

Eero Vaara, eero.vaara@aalto.fi

At Stanford, Prof. Walter W. Powell directs the postdoc program. His email is woodyp@stanford.edu.


The SCANCOR Postdoctoral Fellowship program is organized by the Scandinavian Consortium for Organization Research (www.scancor.org). SCANCOR facilitates inquiry in organizational social science among a transnational network of scholars. Its member institutions in Scandinavia and greater Europe support working visits and residencies at Stanford University. SCANCOR also sponsors conferences, workshops, and mentoring opportunities worldwide.